5 Incredibly Simple Drinking Card Games

Simple Drinking Games

Sometimes you just want to get to the drinking and don’t feel like deciphering an essay to figure out how to do that. So we compiled a short list of what we think are the easiest card games to set up, play and teach. All of these games should be great for getting the party started and require only a deck of cards. So here is our 5 easy drinking card games list:


Give And Take

4 of a kind

Give And Take is a drinking version of the classic Truth Or Dare using playing cards. Players are dealt cards and whenever their card pops up on the table they must either perform a truth/dare or drink for a corresponding amount of seconds. As far as ice breakers go this game is unmatched.


Bus Driver

Card Game

Bus Driver is a simple game that only needs a deck of cards and 2 or more players. One player is the Driver and the other the rider. The rider tries to guess which flipped cards are coming and the driver deals them out and assigns the drinks.


High Card Drinks Low Card

As far as simplicity goes this game couldn’t get any easier. Players flip cards and whoever drew the highest drinks a number equal to the lowest card. It’s practically explained in the title alone.


Horse Race

Horse Race Card Game

For those looking for a little more betting action there’s always Horse Race. This game has players betting drinks on which suit will be flipped more. It’s easy and a great way to get people excited and drinking.



Spoons Drinking Game

Well we lied. This game also requires a few spoons and some cards. Spoons is a classic card game based on speed and luck. Players try to get 4 of a kind then make a mad dash for the spoons. Think poker meets musical chairs.


So there you have it. The simplest card drinking games we could find. If you wanted to go the extra mile and make your next party unforgettable there’s always these gigantic playing cards. I’ve been using a similar set for drinking games for a long time now and they’ve become a staple within our circle.

As always, please remember to drink responsibly. It’s only a game and it’s not worth causing yourself any physical harm. If you need a break take one.