Signs Drinking Game


The Signs drinking game is somewhat similar to the game Thumper. In this game everyone picks a sign and then has to call other players by their sign or drink for failing. It’s generally played to a song of the groups choosing so make sure to pick something with a good steady beat like “we will rock you” or “stayin’ alive”. This game works best with around 4 to 8 players.

What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is some music and each player should also have a drink.

Signs Drinking Game Rules

Before the game can begin everyone has to choose a sign to represent them. This can be anything you can think of so get creative. Once everyone has chosen go around in a circle with each player making their own sign so that everyone can get used to which sign represents who.

Then pop on a song with a good beat.

Once everyone is ready someone is chosen to start. They must clap along to whichever song is playing. After 2 claps they point at someone then after 2 more claps they make their sign.

Then it’s that players turn. They must do the same with another players sign to pass the turn to them.

This continues until someone messes up by making the wrong sign, hesitating too long, or messing up the beat. Whoever screws up drinks and then restarts the next round.

The game goes on as long as you like. If you find it getting too easy as the night goes on try switching up players signs to keep it difficult.


The signs drinking game is great if you’re sick of the old dice and card games. It’s not a ton of drinking unless you’re really bad at it so it’s good to play for a long time.