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Siege Pong Review – Beer Pong Evolved

Siege Pong is a beer pong style game by Rusalka Games where players try to eliminate eachothers cups. Unlike beer pong however this game uses clever RPG style game elements like classes and cards to help you gain the edge and destroy your opponents fortress.

What Is Siege Pong?

Siege pong is what happens when Lord of the Rings and a frat house have a baby. It takes the base goal of beer pong (rid your opponent of their cups armed with a ping pong ball) and adds in a deck of cards with various effects to help you achieve that goal.

It should be noted that this game is not necessarily a drinking game and is a ton of fun to just set up and play with family.

Players start by placing their cups, 4 at a time, to form a mighty tower. The higher the better, but watch out because an unstable tower is an easy target. One good shot or tricky card aimed at a load-bearing cup and you’re toast.

Once the cups are set up then teams simply take turns following the 3 turn steps. Draw Cards, Play Cards, Take a Shot.

There’s 3 win conditions to the game as well. First is if a team gets enough points by playing the right cards and placing enough towers. Second is destroying the other team and all their cups. Third is running out of cards and having the most points at the end. In our experience that third win condition came up the most.

Siege Pong Review!

This game does a great job at combining the best elements of pong games and more tactful RPG games. A great gift idea for the gamer who likes to drink and have fun.

Right off the bat I must say that the components of this game are all very good quality for the price.

Since the deck has a ton of different cards you can rest assured that you’re never playing the same game twice. There’s tons of different devastating card/class combinations that can really turn the tides. Although a few of them can feel a little over powered at times. When we played we removed a card or two from the deck such as the class that let’s you whip the ball as hard as you want (this just lead to breaking the cups).

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First time we played we didn’t realize that some of the load bearing cups can be destroyed which would cause the entire tower to fall over. So the next game went much smoother once we worked that into our strategies. It seems very difficult to win the game by scoring enough points unless you get a lot of the +3 value cards. Since building tall towers is more of a liability than anything.

Like many pong games this one is exponentially funner if everyone has a drink or two. Although we suggest drinking out of your own drink and filling the cups with water since this game involves a lot of knocking cups over onto the floor.

Simply put this is one of the funnest drinking games you can buy. As long as you’re willing to come up with some house-rules to help balance the game the way the players like, then Siege Pong is a great game.