The Sid Meier’s Civilization Drinking Game

Our Sid Meier’s Civilization Drinking Game was made to work with pretty much any of the the Civ games. So just pick your favorite of the series and play along. This game works with any of the single or multiplayer modes so whether you prefer to play alone or with friends we got you covered. A few of the rules however will only come up in later versions of civ but those can just be ignored in the earlier installments.

What You’ll Need

Any of the Civilization games and some drinks.

Setting It Up

To set up this drinking game all you need to do is set up the map and options however you like them and load it up. Be careful though because the way these rules work the more players in the game the more drinking you’ll have to do on your turns. (This is balanced by the fact that you’ll also be waiting longer between turns).

Sid Meier’s Civilization Drinking Game Rules

At the start of each of your turns check where you fall in the rankings. Some installments referred to these as Victory Conditions. Drink equal to your highest ranking. (If you’re highest is 3rd place, drink 3 times).

If anyone declares war on you, take a sip. (and an additional sip for everyone that joins in)

If you create a wonder give out a sip.

If you get eliminated entirely during the game either pound back a full drink or take a shot.

At the end of the game everyone must toast to the victor. Every player who didn’t win the game must finish what’s left of their drink out of respect.


Our Civilization drinking game is pretty simple as far as drinking games go. If you wanted to check out our catalog of video game drinking games check here. As always please remember to drink responsibly and don’t overdo it.