Shoulders Drinking Game

This game is very reminiscent of games like Cheers to the Governor. The Shoulders drinking game is meant to confuse players into messing up and having to drink as consequence. The premise is simple, players take turns counting from 1 to 20. Whichever shoulder they tap is the direction of the turn order and players can choose which way they want to send it. It gets more complicated as players add in rules and there’s a few built in rules for specific numbers to throw ya for a loop. It gets trickier the faster you go so don’t be afraid to speed things up to try and get someone to mess up.


What You’ll Need

The great thing about this game is all it requires is some pals and drinks. Players just need to sit in a circle (or something resembling a circle) and decide who is going to start the game.

Shoulders Drinking Game Rules

Players aim to count from 1 to 20. The first player starts by saying “One” and then touching their right or left shoulder. Depending which shoulder they touch is the way turn order will go. So if a player touches their left shoulder play proceeds to the left with the next player saying the next number.

Shoulders should be touched with the opposite hand. So left hand for right shoulder and right hand for left shoulder.

If any player messes up or takes too long to perform the required action, they must take a drink and then the count goes back to 1 and the game restarts.

Special Numbers

7 : Whoever is assigned to say the number 7 must put there arms parallel in the horizontal position. Which ever the top hand is pointing that player goes next.
10: Whoever is assigned to say the number 10 must point at a player instead of their shoulder. That player goes next.

17: Whoever says 17 must perform the same action as number 7. Instead this time whoever the bottom hand is pointing to goes next.

20: Once someone says 20 the game is complete and they get to make a new game rule. This can be anything at all but we suggest making rules to make counting more difficult. If a rule is broken the game is restarted at 1 and the player that broke it must drink.


Players can keep playing as long as they want until there’s so many rules it becomes nearly impossible.