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The drinking game Shoot resembles involves players taking turns rolling a set of dice trying not to roll the dreaded 7. This dice drinking game was conceived when trying to come up drinking games similar to craps.

What You’ll Need

In this game all you need is an empty pint glass, two dice, and some drinks on the side for each player.

How To Play Shoot

First every player rolls both dice and adds up the total. Whoever got the highest roll gets to go first. From there play passes clockwise. Players continue to roll until they get doubles, allowing them to pass the dice.

  • If your roll totals 6 or 8, you must pour some of your drink into the glass in the middle.
  • If your roll totals 7, you must drink the glass and then pass the dice. If the glass is empty, pour some of your drink into it instead and keep rolling.
  • If you roll doubles, you must take drinks from your own drink equal to the number on either die. For example rolling double 3s would result in 3 drinks. Then you pass the dice to the next player.
  • If you roll snake eyes (1-1) instead of drinking once and passing the dice, you get to create a new game rule involving a specific roll.


This game is really easy to get going but gets funner as you play when players get to invent new drinking rules. House rules are also very welcome if players have anything they want to include. As with any other game please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.