Sex Master Drinking Game Rules

As you might have guess, the Sex Master drinking game is more for players who are down for anything. Not the best option for your next guys night. But if you’re looking for something a little more naughty than this might be the game for you.

Basically the game just entails rolling a couple dice and doing a task associated with the number. Which will result in a lot of drinking and kissing. This game works with any number of players but 4+ is preferable.

What You’ll Need

A couple dice, and a few players that know what they’re getting into. Plus a few drinks as well.

Sex Master Drinking Game Rules

In a clockwise order players take turns rolling the dice and doing the required action based on their total.

  • 2 – Choose a player to kiss. If they refuse they must down their entire drink.
  • 3 – Take a sip
  • 4 – Nothing at all happens. Yawn.
  • 5 – Drink bitch. You know must get everyone’s drink when they need it. Plus if anyone ever tells you to drink you have to. This lasts until someone else gets a 5.
  • 6 – You become the Sex Master! The Sex master first gets to rearrange where players are sitting. Then they can choose whichever players they want to remove 1 article of clothing.
  • 7 – Kiss the person to your right. If it makes you uncomfortable you’re allowed to kiss them on the cheek or wherever else. Also the player on your left needs to take a drink.
  • 8 – Nothing happens. Again.
  • 9 – Cheers! Everyone drink!
  • 10 – Once again a boring roll. Nothing happens.
  • 11 – Kiss the person to your right. The person on your left drinks. (opposite of 7)
  • 12 – Take 12 gulps of whatever you’re drinking. That’s about a full drink so bottoms up!

The Sex Master drinking game is one of the riskier games out there so make sure you got a good crowd of people before jumping into this one.