Seven, Eight, Nine Drinking Game

The 7,8,9 drinking game is a simple game involving a set of dice and an empty glass. The basics of it is that players take turns rolling the dice, adding booze to the cup if they get a 7 or drinking some of it if they get an 8 or 9.

Generally the way this game plays out one or two people will end up drinking much more than the others if they are unlucky enough to roll 9s when there’s a lot of booze on the table.

What You’ll Need

Two dice, an empty pint glass and some drinks for each player. This game works best if every player is drinking the same type of drink.

7,8,9 Drinking Game Rules

In a clockwise order players take turns rolling both dice.

If the roller gets…

  • 7: Add as much of your drink as you want to the glass. If it’s full you can start a new one.
  • 8: Drink half of all the beer on the table.
  • 9: Drink all the beer on the table.
  • Doubles: Reverse the turn order
  • Double 4s: Drink half the beer on the table and then roll again.
  • Anything Else: Nothing happens. The empty rolls are 3,4,5,6,10 and 11. As long as doubles weren’t rolled in getting those totals.


The 7,8,9 drinking game is pretty straight forward. Just keep passing the dice around and hoping to not get any of the aforementioned numbers. The only way a player should be rolling more than once on their turn is if they get double 4s. If lady luck isn’t on your side this game can quickly turn into a lot of drinking so please make sure to pace yourself and please drink responsibly. If you’re looking for a dice drinking game with a little more skill involved we suggest taking a look at Beer Die.