Sesame Street Drinking Game

Sesame Street Drinking Game

Normally people would associate Sesame Street with a drinking game but hey, sometimes you gotta take the edge off without pissing off your obsessed toddler who’s watching the same episode for the 30th time. This Sesame street drinking game will have you drinking for all the things that commonly occur every episode like the number of the day or Elmo referring to himself in the third person.

This game works with any episode of Sesame Street whether it’s the old ones or the new ones since they basically followed the same formula for 50 years. But just to be on the safe side we didn’t include any rules that have to do with the newer cast members.

What You’ll Need

An episode of Sesame Street and some drinks.

Sesame Street Drinking Rules

Take a drink whenever

  • Someone mentions any number
  • Elmo flails his arms
  • Elmo refers to himself in the third person
  • The count does his signature laugh
  • A song starts up
  • Cookie monster eats a cookie
  • Anyone says they love someone
  • Bert complains
  • Oscar pops out of a trash can
  • You find yourself questioning the nature of Bert and Ernie’s relationship.

Take a big chug whenever

  • There’s a famous cameo
  • The word of the day is mentioned


Bonus Rule: Number of the Day!

Whenever the number of the day is mentioned everyone playing has to drink equal to that number. So if it’s 12 that’s 12 sips. If you want to step it up into hyperdrive try drinking that much every time the number of the day is mentioned.


Our Sesame Street Drinking Game is all in good fun but please remember to drink responsibly. If you feel like you’ve had enough stop or take a break, no need to hurt yourself over a drinking game. There’s your lesson of the day.