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Search History The Game – Turning Search Histories Into A Hilarious Party Game

The Search History game is a hilarious card game created by Player Ten where everyone playing is given half of a search term and everyone needs to guess how it ends. You might end up getting it right or you might just end up revealing some embarrassing truths about your own searching habits. It’s a great game for parties and even comes with an optional drinking rule if you plan on getting shwifty. There’s also a nsfw version called “SafeSearch Off” that deals with more adult content matter.

How To Play

The goal of the game is correctly guess the ending of a search query. Or at the very least guess something that could pass as a legitimate answer.

Each round a player will read the first half of a search query out loud from one of the many card. Such as “Do Elves Eat…” or “How Many Times a Night Should I…” and then writes the correct answer in private on one of the included pieces of paper.

Next every other player takes a guess at what the end of the search is. (What google or other search engines will fill in once you type in only the prompt). Once all the papers are in they are mixed together along with the correct answer.

Now the player who knows the answer shuffles it together with each of the guesses and reads them all out loud. After that each player guesses which answer is the real answer to the prompt.

Scoring Points

  1. If anyone incorrectly guesses your made up answer you get 1 point.
  2. If you correctly guessed the actual answer you get 2 points.
  3. If what you wrote down matches the actual answer you get 4 points.

First player to 25 points wins the game.

Search History Review

This game can be summed up pretty easily. It’s simple, hilarious and fun. And really what more could you want in a party game? If you’re looking for a truly wild time we strongly suggest grabbing the Safesearch Off version for added ridiculousness.

Check Out the NSFW Version Here!

A great thing about the Search History card game is that it comes with a lot of cards so it has a ton of replay value. Plus it’s easy to explain and play in a hurry. Also it comes with a great drinking rule if you so choose where you give out drinks when you get points which is a great way to target that person who’s getting a little too far ahead and knock em’ down a peg.