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Scrabblers and Babblers – The Scrabble Drinking Game

Scrabble Drinking Game -

We all know how to play this family board game. Spend your whole night organizing your letters into the perfect 6 letter word only to have it beaten by the word “ox” on a triple letter score tile. The more you get into it the more complicated it becomes. But don’t worry to level the playing field a bit we’ve created the perfect scrabble drinking game to make sure everyone has a good time.

This board drinking game focuses more on making players drink for not knowing the definition of words played or giving out drinks for big plays to whichever player they choose. So get a few beers ready and get ready for Scrabblers and Babblers.


What you’ll need

All you need for this game is any copy of Scrabble and some drinks. There might be a fair amount of drinking here so many grab a few. You might want to discuss before the game starts if you’ll be using the official scrabble dictionary or want to just go balls-to-the-wall and play with whatever slang the players can come up with.

How it works

The main idea of this game is that whenever a player places a word down, the next player must pronounce the word and read out it’s definition.¬†For each of these tasks he or she fails that player must drink. Also whenever a player says any word that’s on the board without realizing it they must drink. Beyond that players will also be giving out drinks for hitting the special tiles on the board.

Scrabble Drinking Game Rules

Whenever any player plays a correct word, the next player must pronounce the word and say it’s definition. If they fail on either of those tasks they must drink once. If they fail on both they must drink 5 times. If you need help the official Scrabble dictionary can be found here. Although we encourage players to use whatever slang they can come up with as long as other players can agree it’s real.

Throughout the game if anyone says any of the words on the board (Excluding when they need to pronounce and define it) they must take a drink. This way players can be jerks and place common words on the board like “the” and watch their friends struggle to speak without using that word.

Drinking for Spaces

Whenever a player successfully places their piece on any of the following spaces they get to give out drinks to any player they choose.

Double letter score – Give one drink

Triple letter score – Give two drinks

Double word score – Give two drinks

Triple word score – Give five drinks

End of The Game

At the end of the game players must drink for each letter they still have on their rack.

Also players must drink equal to their position, unless they are first place. For example 3rd place must drink 3 times and 4th place must drink 4 times. However whoever comes in last place must finish an entire drink. Bottoms up!


The Verdict

Whether you’re a great scrabble player or someone who just like to bumble their way through the English language, this scrabble drinking game is a great way to spend the night. It can be quite a bit of drinking especially if you’re like me and constantly forget that there’s words to avoid speaking. So grab some tiles and some beers and enjoy Scrabblers and Babblers!