Scandal Drinking Game

Scandal Drinking Game -

For those unaware Scandal is a fictional drama about Olivia Pope and her constant presidential scandals. From elections to full out wars this show constantly tries to one-up itself. Which makes it a great candidate for a drinking game!

The Scandal Drinking Game will have players drinking for all the tropes of this series like President Grant’s constant confessing of his love for Olivia. So grab a few drinks and watch everyone’s lives quickly spiral our of control.


Any given episode of the show Scandal as well as a few drinks. Most of the seasons of this show are currently airing on Netflix.

Scandal Drinking Rules

Drink once whenever soft music begins to play and someone starts ranting about something. This happens very often if you pay attention for it.

Take a sip every time someone makes a phone call

Take a sip whenever you hear the “camera shutter” noise that is used between scene transitions

Take a sip whenever the news is shown on a television

Take a big chug whenever you see the white house

Take a sip if Olivia feels the need to tell someone that someone is dead

Take a big chug whenever anyone confesses their love for Olivia Pope

Take a sip anytime anyone says any of the following words or phrases

  • Olivia Pope
  • President
  • Election
  • Murder

Finish your drink whenever Huck horrifically murders or tortures someone.

The Scandal Drinking game is a great way to watch some dramatic craziness while getting your buzz on. If Scandal isn’t really your type of drama we suggest taking a look at our Breaking Bad drinking game. Either way you choose to go please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.