The Santa Hat Drinking Game

Santa Hat Drinking Game -

The Santa Hat Drinking Game is an amazingly simple and somewhat genius way to pass the time during the holidays. All you require is something on TV, probably your favorite Christmas movie, and a tiny self made Santa hat to stick on the TV. Then you just need to sit back and enjoy as the Santa hat gets randomly worn by characters in whatever you’re watching. It is quite possible to play this game alone, though drinking by yourself during the holidays just sounds sad. So get some of your friends together and lets see how many times you can make people wear that cheerful Christmas accessory.


Any television with a series or movie on, tiny personalized Santa hats, and some drinks, preferably festive ones.


Players will each make a Santa hat and stick it to the TV, preferably with regular scotch tape as to not damage the TV. Then whenever someone in whichever program you’ve chosen appears to be wearing your Santa hat you take a drink.

The Hats

The easiest way to make a Santa hat is simple:

  • Buy some colored construction paper.
  • Cut it into the shape of a Santa hat.
  • Add a white fuzzball to the tip of the hat to make it look really authentic.

It is highly suggested that each player have their hat be clearly different from those of other players. To do this just simply choose a different color for your hat, or maybe get really crazy and change up the color of the little ball on the end of the hat.

Once everyone has their hats prepared all you need to do is find something to stick it to the TV with, scotch tape works best here. Just keep in mind the size of your hats. Too small and it won’t really look like anyone is wearing it properly. Too big and you’ll eat up too much space on the screen. Once you got all of that figured out grab some eggnog and get ready to make everyone wear a silly Santa hat.