The Santa Clause Drinking Game

The Santa Clause Drinking Game - The Chuggernauts

The Santa Clause Drinking Game has players drinking to the classic Tim Allen move The Santa Clause. This movie follows Scott Calvin as he tries to do right by his son Charlie after his divorce from his former wife Laura. Shortly after Scott takes Charlie for his deadbeat dad Christmas supper at deny’s head home for the night. On Christmas day Scott hears a noise on his roof and runs out to find a Santa costume. Once he puts it on he unknowingly signs a contract to become the next Santa Claus.

This movie is one of many starring Tim Allen that have the similar theme of him learning to become a better person on Christmas eve. It makes for a great drinking game since it follows a Scott in almost every scene with a lot of the same tropes throughout.



The Santa Clause and drinks


Players drink whenever one of the common tropes of this film arise.

The Santa Clause Drinking Game Rules

Drink One When:

  • You hear a Christmas song start
  • Charlie whines about something
  • Scott makes fun of Charlie’s step dad Neil
  • Someone says Santa
  • Scott says something sarcastic
  • Scott acts like a deadbeat dad
  • Charlie asks a question
  • Someone uses magic
  • Scott gets another physical characteristic to look like Santa Claus
  • Bernard says something mean
    • Drink 2 if it’s to one of workers

Drink 5 every time:

  • You notice sexual innuendo


For a Disney movie there sure is a lot of sexual innuendo in this movie. Luckily players will only be drinking when they notice it. Since this movie basically just follows Scott around there will be a lot of drinking for his constant sarcasm and mentions of Santa Claus. So grab your favorite holiday drink and prepare to learn the true meaning of Christmas and getting a little tipsy in the meantime.