RWBY Drinking Game

RWBY Drinking Game -

The RWBY Drinking Game will have players drinking to the animated web series RWBY. Unlike most anime styled shows RWBY is actually an American product as opposed to Japanese. This can be pretty apparent in the naming of characters, animation style, and honestly most of the series as a whole. Regardless RWBY is at it’s core a fantasy styled animation which uses anime inspired storytelling and is generally just considered an anime regardless of it’s origins. The series Follows a group of characters set in fantasy styled world where evil beasts constantly lurk. With the discovery of an element known as dust mankind gains the ability to fight back against the dark forces. Ruby Rose and other characters gradually come together forming a team in hopes of challenging the darkness.


The animated series RWBY and drinks.


Players will drink to the reoccurring items and themes within the show. Such as the number 4, light versus dark, and colors. There are also various in-series brands that keep popping up. Players will also drink when people use their powers and fights are completely one sided.

RWBY Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • The number 4 comes up in any way. 4 kingdoms, 4 seasons, 4 person teams, etc.
  • Whenever someone uses their power.
  • Anything references light or darkness.
  • You notice a reoccurring fictional brand of item or food within the series.
  • Someone is named after a color.
  • A fight is completely one sided.

Finish your drink whenever:

Any of the main cast perform a team attack.


Luckily for our drinking pleasure there are many tropes and themes that are constantly showing up. This allows for some tricky drinks in noticing the naming of certain places or items having brand names in the background. Just be sure to keep an eye out for any call outs to light and darkness, various colors, the number 4, or any of the brand name items that always seem to pop up. Action scenes are also a good source of drinks so you should never have to go too long without a sip.

Players will also finish their drinks whenever a team attack is performed. This isn’t just any old two people attacking at the same time so it should be fairly obvious to spot these. They do happen often enough though so just be ready for them. High fantasy, CGI, and drinks. That’s gotta be a winning combination.