Horse Race Drinking Game

Horse Race Card Game

Horse Race Drinking Game

The Horse Race Drinking Game is a fun way to have a few drinks. It’s entirely luck based so there’s no real advantage for players who have played the game before.




A deck of cards and drinks



Players bet drinks on which suit (horse) they think will win.


Set Up:

One player is chosen as the announcer. He then searches the deck for all 4 aces and places them in a vertical line. These represent the starting gates for the horses. Then place 7 cards face down in a horizontal line over top of the aces. These are used simply to judge distance until the horses reach the finish line.

Horse Race Card Game


Now each player bets on which suit(horse) he thinks will get 7 cards first. Once all bets are in the announcer starts the race by drawing the first card from the top of the deck. The card is then placed next to the Ace of the matching suit, advancing the horse. This continues until 1 suit has 7 cards and that one is considered the winner. Whoever wins gets to give out drinks equal to their bet and each other player must drink whatever they bet.

Additional Rules:

  • Double-Or-Nothing: In order for someone to call double-or-nothing one of the other players horses must be at the 6th card. (1 card before the finish line). Once this is called his bet is now doubled for the remainder of this round.
  • Joker Stalls: In this version Jokers are included in the deck. If a Joker is drawn the horse in first place moves back one space. If it’s a tie they both move back.


The Horse Race Drinking Game is perfect for a small group looking to just flip some cards and have some drinks. It’s the next closest thing to waking up drunk at the tracks with a second mortgage on the house.