Rock, Paper, Scissors Drinking Game

This is one of those games that you really shouldn’t need a set of rules to figure it out. But for the sake of thoroughness here are our Rock Paper Scissors drinking game rules. We’ve also included some rules for playing with more than 2 players.

What You’ll Need

At least one hand per player and some drinks

Rock, Paper, Scissors Drinking Game rules

For the few people who don’t know how to play rock paper scissors it’s easy. There’s 3 shapes you can make with your hand representing a rock, a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. At the count of 3 both players make a shape at the same time. Rock beats scissors, Scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock.

Loser of each round takes a sip of their drink for losing. Players can also play “best of 5” style where they play until one player ends up with 3 wins. If a player can beat another player 3 to 0 then the player who got 0 must finish their drink in shame.

Playing With More Than 2 Players

If you want to play with more than two players at the same time the rules are a bit different. At the count of three, as normal, everyone throws out one of the shapes. Which is where a couple things can happen.

Only 2 different shapes are present. For example if there’s 6 players, 4 of which used paper and 2 used scissors. Then all 4 of players who chose paper are out. Since the 2 scissors beat all of them.

All 3 shapes are present. This is where it gets a little tricky. When all shapes are present if anyone is the only person who threw out a shape they are eliminated immediately. Then the round is played as if there was only 2 shapes present. If however all 3 shapes are present and there’s more than 1 of each shape that’s a full-tie. Nothing happens and nobody is eliminated.

Typically if you play with multiple players you do multiple rounds until only 1 player remains. Then everyone else finishes their drinks.


As far as simplicity goes, the rock paper scissors drinking game is the way to go. Pretty well everyone knows how to play by the name alone.