Reservoir Dogs Drinking Game

Reservoir Dogs Drinking Game -

This drinking game is for Tarantino’s classic crime film Reservoir dogs. This movie is about a group of criminals planning a heist without knowing that there’s a mole within their ranks. As the film progresses the heist slowly gets more and more out of control. This movie has set the tone for many others like it. This film was very well received by most critics and was even named “the greatest independent film of all time”. So if you’re craving a movie with a bit more meat on the bones than a classic action movie then our Reservoir Dogs drinking game should have you covered.



Reservoir Dogs and drinks


Our Reservoir Dogs Drinking Game has players drinking to all the classic Tarantino movie tropes as well as the tropes associated with this movie specifically. Additionally players must finish their drinks whenever one of the main criminals die.


Reservoir Dogs Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

There’s a pop culture reference

Anyone says a color

Someone is shot

Tarantino’s character (Mr. Brown) has a line

Someone smokes

Someone swears

Anyone mentions diamonds


Finish your drink when:

One of the main characters (those with color names) dies.


Optional rule:

This rule is strictly for those who haven’t seen the movie or don’t remember exactly how it goes down. Each player picks one of the main 6 colors; Pink, Brown, Blonde, White, Blue or Orange. Then each player gets a shot of whichever alcohol they choose. If their character dies they take the shot. If at the end their character is still alive they give the shot to another player to take.


This Reservoir Dogs drinking game can be pretty heavy with the drinks. Especially since a lot of the main six characters end up dying. Beyond that it’s still a Tarantino movie so you can expect a ton of swearing and pop culture references.