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Buzz Drinking Game

Buzz is a drinking game for people who love the idea of watching their friends mess up an easy task. It’s a vocal drinking game and can support any number of players from 3-10. It really doesn’t matter how many players are playing but the more the merrier. If players are finding it too easy and want to increase the difficulty of the game they can always try to speed it up, but watch out it’s not always as easy as it seems.


What You’ll Need

As with many other vocal drinking games, all you need is some drinks and to sit in a circle. Or around a table. Or wherever you want. Then just figure out who’s going to start the game.

Buzz Drinking Game Rules

The object of this game is to count as high as possible without messing up. The first player to start the game says “One” and then turn order goes clockwise with each player saying the next number in order.

Here’s the kicker; Whenever a player is tasked with saying a number that has a “7” in it or is divisible by 7 they must instead say “Buzz”. For example both the numbers 14 (divisible by 7) and 17 (has a 7 in it) must be replaced with “Buzz”.

Also any number that’s divisible must be replaced with “Fizz”. Additionally any time anyone says “Fizz” the order of play is reversed. So if it was clockwise before, now it’s counter clockwise and vice-versa.

Anytime anyone says the wrong number, or messes up saying Buzz or Fizz when they’re supposed to they must take a drink and the game restarts. Feel free to point and laugh at them.


Buzz is a fairly light drinking game as far as vocal drinking games go. So we’d suggest playing it more towards the end of the night when players are already having trouble counting to 10. If you enjoy quick vocal games like this we suggest trying out Fuzzy Duck.