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R Kelly – Trapped in the Closet Drinking Game

Trapped In The Closet Drinking Game -

The Trapped in the Closet Drinking Game has players drinking to R Kelly’s multi episode hip-hop musical drama. Yes you read that correctly. The entire series is sang by R Kelly and relies on a series of twists that are each more outlandish than the last.

The basis of this series is about characters coming out of the closet. Whether that be priests sleeping with men or southern women sleeping with midgets, it’s all made better by the fact that R Kelly sings the lines for each of these characters. Needless to say this series goes best with some drinks.


The R Kelly Trapped In The Closet series and drinks.


Players will be drinking for all the constant reoccurring events in this series like characters taking out their guns and ridiculous twists. As well as drinking for R Kelly’s odd singing choices like stretching out words to ungodly lengths.


Trapped In The Closet Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone says the word “closet”
  • Anyone goes in or out of a closet.
  • Any character pulls out their gun.
  • A character talks about a gun.
  • A word is rhymed with itself.
  • The same word is used multiple times in a row.
  • R Kelly’s pitch slowly becomes higher and higher as he sings.
  • Any word is stretched out much longer than normal. (Like when R Kelly puts his phone on ViiiIIIIiiibrate)
  • There is a plot twist.
  • They say “(insert name) says:”.


The Trapped In The Closet drinking game doesn’t contain any “chug your drink” rules but trust us you won’t need them. All the rules we mentioned come up multiple times an episode so get those drinks ready. Also the series contains 33 episodes that are about 3-4 minutes each. So pick any chunk of episodes you feel like watching. We suggest the first 10 but the whole series is solid gold.