Prison Break Drinking Game

The Prison Break drinking game is one where players are put in “jail” and must drink for every turn that the other players can keep them there. This game works best in larger groups from 4 to 10 players.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards and some drinks

Prison Break Drinking Game Rules

First someone needs to shuffle the deck and deal the cards out evenly as possible to each player. This makes up their hand so they can look at each of the cards. Give everyone a second to put their cards in order.

Now the game can begin left of the dealer than going clockwise. That player plays any card from their hand.

Now the next player has to play a card of the same face value. If they can then it’s the next players turn and they have to try and do the same thing. If they cannot they are now “in jail” and have to take a drink. The next player now plays any card and the play is reversed (back to the player in jail).

The only way someone can get out of jail is if they have a card matching the face value of the one played before them. Otherwise they get stuck in jail with play reversing after each play until they can manage to match a card. Once a player plays the correct card to get out of jail play order continues the way it was going and now the next player is forced to try and match the card or risk being put in jail.

This game ends when one of the players runs out of cards completely. Then every other player must drink equal to the number of cards still remaining in their hand.


The Jail break drinking game can get really frustrating if you’re getting locked in jail taking a sip for every time you can’t escape.