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The Classics: Power Hour

The Power Hour Drinking Game

For the uninformed Power Hour is simply a game where players take a shot of beer every minute for a full hour. On paper this game doesn’t actually sound that intense, 60 shots of beer equates to roughly 5 beers. At first I thought 5 beers in an hour didn’t sound that crazy. Surely I’ve been to a house party or two where I had reached that goal without even meaning to. But then I thought about it and realized that maybe any party I’ve reached that goal at ended up a bit messy for a reason. Now let me be very clear; If you feel like this game is too much and you’ve had enough to drink don’t let your foolish ego get in the way. You can stop at any time.


Beer and any media playing device


Players drink shots of beer every minute for one hour.


Players each get their shot glasses ready by filling them with beer. Next players search online for a good power hour video.  Alternatively a player can just set a timer on his watch or phone to go off every minute for one hour. Every time the timer hits a minute each player drinks his shot and refills the glass. Players compete to see who can complete all 60 shots in 60 minutes.

Overall this game is nothing short of intense. It’s best reserved for celebrating someone’s 21st birthday where they are willing to be a step or two drunker than the people around them.

Fun Factor (5/6): Not gonna lie this game is surprisingly fun. It sounds like just hanging out drinking beers but this game taps into a delicate part of one’s ego that makes him want to keep going and outdo his or her friends. Which can be dangerous.

Drunk Factor (6/6): Most people will be drunk immediately once this game is done or at least on their way to being drunk. The reason I gave this game the full six pack review is that if you finish playing it you’re guaranteed to have almost downed a six pack. One way or another 5-6 beers in a single hour is a lot. Don’t kill yourself with this one. This is best played at the start of the night not the end of it.