Potluck Drinking Game

This is one of the easier card games around. In the potluck drinking game you just flip cards and either take a sip, pour some of your drink into a pitcher, or draw a face card for a special action. This game works well with anywhere from 3-10 players.

What You’ll Need

A beer or two per player, a plastic cup for every player and an empty pitcher. Plus a deck of cards.

Potluck Drinking Game Rules

Before the game starts shuffle the deck and place it in the middle face down. Then each player takes half of their drink and pours it into a plastic cup.

In this game players take turns drawing a single card from the deck. If the card is black that player takes a sip of their drink. If it’s red they the cup of drink into the pitcher.

Special Card Rules

  • Jack – Chug what’s left of your drink.
  • Queen – Nothing happens, miss your turn.
  • King – Pick another player and make them chug their drink.
  • Ace – Drink everything in the pitcher.

This game ends when the last ace has been used. You can also play until the deck runs out if you wanted to but you might be left with a pitcher with some booze in it at the end that you’re going to have to figure out what to do with.


The potluck drinking game is a really easy game to play and understand. Although it can end up being a lot of drinking for a couple unlucky people if they have to drink the pitcher when it’s getting pretty full so make sure to take a break if you think you need one.