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Porfanity Card Game Review – Put That Dirty Mind To Work

The profanity card game is one that thrives off the sickest of minds. The more imaginative and vulgar you are the better you’re probably going to do. Anyone who can spin simple sentences into a dirty word will be an absolute ace at this game!

What this game entails is placing cards down to form quick two word sayings and then describing to the group what that could mean. With a plethora of filthy words like “teabag” and “moist” you’ll be at no shortage of obscene content. The judge will have to decide who’s phrase was the funniest at the end of each round and award them the point as well as them being able to judge the next round.

How To Play the Profanity Card Game

Rules of this one are fairly simple. (Which is a blessing based on how drunk we were when testing it out).

At the start each player gets 10 word cards. Some dirty and some fairly innocent until combined with others. Then a judge is chosen by voting on who at the table has the dirtiest mouth. Which is a big advantage in this game!

The judge drops any card from their hand onto the table face up. That’ll be the word everyone else has to match with. Now everyone else takes turns laying a card face down to the left or right of the face up one depending which order they want it to be read.

Once everyone has put down a card except the judge it’s time to read the phrases. The judge flips through the cards saying out the phrases. If someone wants to they can give a brief definition of their smutty phrase to try and really showcase their nasty mind.

Now the judge picks their favorite. Whoever’s it was gets a point and is now the judge for the next round.

Profanity Review

Never thought all those years of combing the darkest corners of Urban Dictionary would pay off!

In our personal opinion this game is best played late in the night after a few empty bottles have already cluttered the table. Since you want everyone playing to be vocal and saying the dirtiest things that come to their mind. Otherwise you might be left with a shy person or two taking forever to come up with the right combo.

Provided you have the right group of friends this game is a riot! A few rounds in and you’ll get a quick glimpse at the inner workings of your friends minds that you’re going to wish you never saw. The profanity card game is one of the most genuinely funny games out there and will have everyone in stitches!