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Pong (Video Game) Drinking Game

Pong Drinking Game -

If you’re craving simplicity in your video game drinking games then our Pong Drinking Game should have you covered. First released in 1972 Pong is often credited to be the first commercially successful video game ever made. Crazy to think that almost all modern video games got their roots from a two dimensional version of table tennis.

In the game Pong players each control a paddle and have to move vertically up and down the screen to try and block the ball from entering their zone and trying to score it on their opponent. It’s really that simple. The classic version of pong is played to 11 points. So if you’re looking to spice it up a bit here’s out Pong game drinking game.


Any version of Pong, drinks, and 1 shot of hard alcohol. We suggest the classic version for Atari but in the very likely scenario that that’s not available there’s tons of ports on other consoles as well as some that are free to play online.


Players will drink for every point scored on them. Each player also has one shot of a hard alcohol ready for a “power play” and the loser of that rally takes the shot. At the end of the game whoever lost drinks according to how poorly they did.

Pong drinking game rules:

The game will be played as normal. Players can also play in even sized teams as long as they pass off the controller every point.

Whenever your team is scored on take a drink.

At the end of the game you must take drinks depending on how poorly your team did. Your team may divide out the drinks as they choose within the team.

  • Lost by 2 or more points; take 3 drinks
  • Lost by 4 or more points; take 5 drinks
  • Lost by 6 or more points; take 10 drinks
  • Lost without scoring a point; poor and take a shot

Additional rules

Power Play: Each player has a shot poured at the beginning of the game of whichever alcohol they choose. At any point in the game after a point is scored for either side they can declare “Power Play!”. In this case the team who loses the next point must take the shot from the other team and shoot it.

Match Point: If ever the game is tied 10-10 then it becomes match point. Whichever team loses the final point must take two shots. One they get to choose and one their opponents get to choose.


Our video game Pong drinking game is quite a bit of drinking if you suck at pong. Otherwise it can be fairly tame. Matches of pong go pretty quickly though so if you’re playing 1v1 it’s at least a shot per game on average. It’s a great way to add a bit of tension to this game and make it a little more interesting by raising the stakes.