Pokemon: The Series Drinking Game

This drinking game is for the Pokemon Anime. If you’re looking for the board games you should to check HERE instead. This pokemon: the series drinking game primarily made for the first few iconic seasons of the show but should work just fine with any episode in any season.

So if you’re trying to relive some nostalgic moments like the Poke Rap and watching Ash fail a million gym battles only to end up with the badges anyway then this drinking game will make sure everyone is having a great time.

What You’ll Need

Just pop on any given episode of the pokemon show and drink whenever of these forthcoming drinking rules come up. There’s two versions to this game. The normal version with a bunch of rules that come up sporadically or the INSANE version with only 1 rule that will come up constantly.

Pokemon Show Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • The pokedex chimes in with it’s 2-cents
  • Brock hits on someone
  • Misty complains about something
  • Ash turns his hat around
  • Pikachu says his full name
  • Meowth says his name
  • Ash ends up with a gym badge despite not actually winning the gym battle
  • Pikachu gets whooped or ash loses a battle
  • Drink every time you mess up reciting the pokerap

Finish your drink whenever

  • Team rocket blasts off


If you’re looking to kick it up to 11 then try using this single rule instead of all the other ones. Drink whenever any pokemon says part of it’s name. Depending on the episode this could end up being a lot.


Please keep in mind that this pokemon anime drinking game is only meant to be for fun. If you think you’ve had enough to drink or then you should slow down or take a break. Remember to always arrange yourself a safe ride home and never drive drunk.