The Pokemon Drinking Game Hoenn Edition

Pokemon Drinking Game Hoenn Edition -

The Pokemon Drinking Game Hoenn Edition is the third in a series of drinking pokemon board games. To check out the full collection click here.

This game plays much like the others, roll the die do what the space tells you to do and try to reach the ending first. This version does have one key difference though. Players in this one are able to team up on either Team Aqua or Team Magma. In order to wind up on a team players need to land on one of the Team Aqua or Team Magma spaces and once they join a team they can share drinks given to them with their team mates.


The Board

The board is fairly straight forward. Players start in the bottom left then circle the board clockwise until they reach the middle. Players must stop on gold spaces. Silver spaces means there’s a rule that effects every space in that region which should be listed on the first silver space in the group.


All you’ll need for this game is two dice and drinks

The Verdict

This version of the pokemon drinking game was really fun because of the team aspect. Although the board and the spaces made it a bit unclear how the teams actually worked so we just replaced the whole idea with team mates having to share in drinks. Which made it a lot easier to follow. Just like the other version this game is a ton of drinking and players should be ready for that. So if players enjoyed the first two games and were looking for something slightly different this is a great choice.