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The Pokemon Drinking Game 4 – Diamond Pearl Edition

Pokemon Diamond Pearl Drinking Game -

We decided to make our own sequel to the Pokemon drinking board game series. This time with the next series, Diamond and Pearl. If you’ve never played any of the previous games feel free to check out our list and review of all four games. 

What is the Pokemon Drinking Game?

The Pokemon drinking games are simple print-and-play board games that revolve around the idea of becoming a Pokemon master. Generally they entail a ton of drinking so don’t feel bad if you want to bow out before the game is done.

The Pokemon Drinking Game – Diamond Pearl Edition Rules

The rules to this game are as simple as all the others. Pick a starting Pokemon then players take turns rolling a die and doing whatever the space tells them to do. With the exception that players must stop at the gold “Gym” spaces to earn their badges. There’s also special silver spaces that have special rules usually printed on the first silver space of a section.

Whenever players land on the same space it’s time for a Pokemon battle! A simple die roll determines the winner, but a Pokemon with type-advantage gets an extra die.

The ultimate goal of the game is to collect all the badges then defeat the elite 4 and become a Pokemon master. First player to do this wins the drinking game.


The Game
Pokemon Drinking Game v4 The Chuggernauts



What separates this version from many of it’s predecessors is that many of the spaces cause the player in first place to slow down, and the player in last place to speed up and take some extra drinks in the process. This helps it stay fairly even as all players will often be near the same space.

Much like every other Pokemon drinking game this one can be pretty heavy on the drinks so please make sure to drink responsibly.