PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Drinking Game

Player Unknown's Battleground Drinking Game -

This PUBG drinking game has players drinking for their placement as well as embarrassing deaths in this free for all game. This game was a pioneer of a quickly growing genre called Battle Royale games. Basically the idea is to be the last person standing. There’s a long list of ways to do that but so every match remains intense up until the very end. So to make an extra layer of complexity we created our own PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Drinking Game.

This game makes for a great drinking experience because nothing ramps up tension than being belligerently drunk and still out placing that campy jerk with the shotgun.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and drinks

Set Up

Jump into any 50 person match. This can be either solo or teams, doesn’t matter, and prepare to do some drinkin’.

Pubg Drinking Game Summary

Players will drink every time they die in an embarrassing fashion. As well as drinking for embarrassing placements.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Drinking Game Rules

When you inevitably die (Don’t lie to yourself you’re not getting first place), you must drink based on your placement.

50th place – Nice job ace, finish your drink.

49th-40th place – Get your act together. 5 Drinks.

40th-30th place – Embarrassing. 4 drinks.

30th-20th place – Getting better. 3 drinks.

20th-10th place – It’s like you know what you’re doing or something. 2 drinks.

10th- 2nd place – You’re a goddam hero. 1 drink.

1st place – You drink at your own leisure now. You’re a god. 0 drinks.


On top of all that there’s also a few bonus drinks if you die in spectacular fashion.

Got sniped in the head? 2 drinks.

Killed by being outside the map? 2 drinks.

Killed while in a vehicle? 3 drinks. You knew that motorcycle was a bad idea.

Killed while unarmed? 3 drinks. Don’t bring fists to a gunfight.

Killed by the pan? Finish your drink.

Optional Rule : Get Up You Coward!

This rule is only for the truly hardcore. In this variant you must chug your drink for as long as you remain in the prone position. So if you wanna cower away in that tall grass you’re going to have to pay for it.


Our PUBG drinking game takes an already very tense game and makes it that much more intense. Only use the optional rule if you’re so confident in your skills that you don’t think you need one of the most important mechanics in the game. So you better be playing your best if you don’t want to lose the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Drinking Game.