Pinky McDrinky Rules

Pinky McDrinky is a drinking game where people try to match the pink die to give out drinks. Of course if you do not have a pink die handy any die will do as long as it’s identifiable from the others. This game works well with any sized group of people as long as you have enough dice to accommodate everyone.

This game involves players rolling their die at the same time hoping to match the number in the middle while also not matching eachother’s dice.

What You’ll Need

One die for each player and then an extra die that looks different than the rest. Plus some drinks for each player.

How To Play Pinky McDrinky

Before the game can start someone needs to roll pinky (the different die). The goal is for the players to try and roll the same number as what’s shown on pinky.

At the count of three everyone rolls their die at the same time. Then each player looks at their die and decides what happens next.

  • If any two or more players have matching numbers they have to play rock,paper, scissors. Loser drinks.
  • If one or more players roll the same as pinky they race to grab it first. Whoever grabs pinky gets to reroll it for the next round, everyone who had the same number but didn’t grab it in time must drink. The person who successfully grabbed it can assign someone else to take a drink.

Optional Rule: Stinky

If players want to incorporate a bit more drinking they can add this rule. This is an additional die that’s placed next to pinky. If anyone rolls matching this number they must immediately take a drink. If multiple players roll that number they drink equal to the number of players that rolled it. This die can be re rolled whenever at least 2 people roll it in a round.


Pinky McDrinky is a drinking game that will often have slightly different rules depending where you are playing it or who you’re playing it with.