Pence Drinking Game

Pence Drinking Game -

For those unaware, One Pence is the British equivalent of One Penny or One Cent. This drinking game is one of the oldest recorded probably because it’s so easy to play. Basically the objective is simply to guard your drink lest you find one pence in it.

What you’ll need

A coin of any type. Doesn’t really matter what denomination or country of origin. Then players just need to be drinking out of glasses or something easy enough to plop a coin into.

Starting the Game

We came up with our own way to start this game to make things a little more interesting. To start players must sit in a circle, either on the floor or around the table. Then place the coin in the middle of all the players. Make sure everyone can reach the coin.

Then everyone must close their eyes. On the count of three everyone reaches for the coin. Whoever gets it should try to hide the fact that they have it by quickly stuffing it in a pocket.

After about 10 seconds have passed everyone opens their eyes and the game has begun.

Pence Drinking Game Rules

The rules of this game are simple. If ever you look into your cup and find the coin, you must chug the rest of your drink. So keep a close eye on your cup! Once you chug that drink the coin is yours to try and sneak into a players drink.

If a player is every caught trying to put the coin in a drink, they must chug their own drink and then give the coin to whoever caught them.


Pence is a great way to get people excited at a party. Plus all it requires is a coin and the cooperation of the party-goers. It might be useful to remember the year on the coin to prevent people for cheating and dropping their own coins into drinks.