7 Awesome Party Games for Adults to Play in 2022

We’ve had the privilege to test out a ton of great party games this year. From table games, to card games, to drinking games there’s something for every occasion.

There’s tons of great reasons to try out a party game. Whether you’re looking to break the ice with some work, or enjoy a wild night out with some friends, there’s a ton of perfect party games for any occasion. That’s why we decided to make a list of some of our personal favourites that we’ve tried out this year.

Awesome Party Games for Adults

Klask – An Intense Table Game

Type of GameTable Game

Klask is branded as an epic magnetic battle and it certainly delivers on that promise. It’s a little bit like table hockey with a few fun differences. What separates this game from most others is it’s clever use of magnets.

Much like other table games, the goal is to sink the ball into the opponents goal. What makes Klask unique is that it uses magnets to control the sticks as you try to push the ball past the opponent. There’s also some little round magnets on the board called “Biscuits” that serve as alternative ways to score points. Overall, this makes Klask an awesome party game that’s equal parts skill and fun.

The BoozeGames – An All-Encompassing Party Drinking Game

Boozegames Review by
Type of GameDrinking Card Game
Ages21+ (Or local drinking age)

If you’re looking for an all-in-one drinking game that’s packed with drunken shenanigans, than The Boozegames has exactly what you need. This game is comprised of multiple decks of cards that each have different types of challenges on them.

From classic drinking games like beer pong, to sharades-like challenges, to crazy dares, The Boozegames has something for everyone. Plus it comes with some fun drinking rules that will make sure everyone is having a good time. What’s great about games like these is that it’s easy to pick and choose which decks you want to play with in order to create the perfect party game for your group.

Spank The Yeti – A Hilarious Party Game of Difficult Decisions

Type of GameParty Card Game

Out of all the great games on this list, Spank the Yeti is probably the most hilarious. In this wacky party card game, players must make difficult decision by matching their three action cards to three object cards. This quickly becomes hilarious as you watch your friends try to decide who they would rather “cast in a porno” between “George Takei” and “A hot tuna sandwich”.

Spank the Yeti takes the classic “f**k, marry, kill” to the next level. Watching your friends try to rationalize their decisions is one of the many great joys of this game. Overall a great ice breaker game that’s sure to get everyone laughing.

The Red Dragon Inn – A Fantasy Game of Drunken Adventure

Type of GameBoard Game

Everyone is familiar with fantasy worlds and the mages, knights and elves that inhabit them. Going on epic quests and saving kingdoms. But what happens when all that is done? Red Dragon Inn is the game that puts players at the tail end of a quest as the party is unwinding at a local tavern. Drinking, gambling, and being all around rambunctious.

The goal in this game is to win the most money and be the last one standing. Trying to win money while keeping your wits can prove to be a daunting task. Rather than tracking your hit points, you’ll be managing your alcohol consumption before you accidentally drink yourself into a coma.

Under the Influence – A Drinking Card Game of Wild Dares and Challenges

Under the Influence Decks
Type of GameParty Drinking Card Game

Under the Influence is an extremely rowdy game for people who are looking to get the party started. This game is as simple as flipping the card from the appropriate deck and praying that you don’t have to do something crazy.

Under the Influence is separated into 4 equally unique decks. “Brain Benders”, “Who’s Who?”, “Under the Influence” and “Shots No Chaser”. So depending on your luck you could be answering a question, taking a shot, or asked to do some crazy challenges. Either way, you’re in for a good time.

GutterHead – An Adult Drawing Game for Dirty Minds

Type of GameDrawing Game

It’s time to put that dirty mind to use with GutterHead. This game plays out like a game of Pictionary for people with dirty minds. Players will be challenged to draw out crazy prompts like “Teabagging” or “Donald Trump”. One of the craziest adult party games on this list.

One of the great things about Gutterhead is that you don’t need to be an artist to play. Usually the winner is the one who can draw the quickest to get people to guess correctly. Watching your buddy try to draw “Granny Porn” before the timer runs out can be an endless source of entertainment.

F**k – The Game – A Mind-Bending Aussie Party Game

Type of GameFast Card Game

From our Aussie friends at Inkster Games comes the fast-paced F**k the Game. This simple card games will have players messing up and slurring their words in no-time. This speed-game has players trying to match and blurt out swear words as quickly as possible, making the neighbors wonder if you’ve finally lost your marbles.

F**k the Game plays out similar to the card game Slap, where players try to slap the deck of cards as quick as possible when prompted to do so. Each card has a printed word on it and a color, depending what the word and color is changes what they have to say. It seems simple on the surface, but when you blurt out “Shit!” when you’re supposed to be saying the colour “Green”, you could end up quickly losing the lead.

Didn’t see your favourite party game for adults in our list? Feel free to let us know why your game deserved a spot.