The Pandemic Drinking Game – Stop the spread of inebriation

Pandemic Drinking Game -
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Unlike most drinking games the Pandemic Drinking Game has players working together to try and minimize how much they have to drink at the end of the game.

For those that haven’t played pandemic before the idea of this board game is to contain the virus before it spreads too big to be stopped. Players each end up with different characters with different special abilities that help them accomplish this task. This board game drinking game also works with the pandemic expansions and there is a unique twist if players use the On The Brink expansion that includes the bio-terrorist.


What You’ll Need

The Board game Pandemic, with or without any expansions, A pitcher and drinks. Ideally everyone should be drinking a similar drink for this game.

How It Works

Players play cooperatively to contain the diseases. Every time there is an outbreak everyone pours a small bit of their drink in the the pitcher. Every time someone find a cure they can pour some of the drink into their cup and drink it. At the end of the game players drink the pitcher, if they lost they double the amount in the pitcher.

Pandemic Drinking Game Rules

  • At the start of the game ensure the pitcher is somewhere that every player can reach it.
  • Every time there is an Outbreak every player at the same time must pour a small amount of their drink in the pitcher. (This works best if players are all drinking similar types of alcohol.)
  • Every time a cure is discovered, the player that discovered it may pour themselves a glass from the pitcher to drink.
  • At the end of the game if players won, they pass the pitcher around and drink it. They can either drink right from the pitcher or pour themselves drinks form it.
  • However if players lost they must double the amount of drink in the pitcher before drinking it. This should be done by having all players pour at the same time and trying to guesstimate where double would be.

Pandemic Drinking Game -
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The Bio Terrorist

If you have the On The Brink expansion this makes for the perfect role for a designated driver or anyone who doesn’t plan on drinking too much. Basically the bio terrorist works against all other players to try and spread the virus quicker. So they wouldn’t have to do any drinking themselves but can cause other players to drink a lot by causing outbreaks.


The Verdict

This pandemic drinking game is a great way to raise the stakes in this already tense board game. Players will not only be working to win the game but they’ll also be working to try and minimize how much they need to chug at the end of the round. This is a great way to spice up your next board game night.