PacMan Drinking Game

Pacman Drinking Game -

This PacMan Drinking game works with any version of PacMan that takes places on a 2D screen chasing ghosts around. (Sorry Pac Man 3D World, we’d rather forget about you). Whether you’re playing single player or multiplayer this game should work just fine.

The basic premise of this drinking game is player have to drink depending on which ghost they are killed by, and whenever one of the fruits disappear. For most of the PacMan games each ghost actually has a slightly different AI, so they use different tactics to chase you down. Making some of them more effective than others.


Any PacMan game and drinks. We suggest playing this on an old fashioned arcade cabinet, if you can find one with somewhere that also serves beer nearby. Players can either take turns in single player, or play multiplayer if it’s one of the multiplayer versions.

PacMan Drinking Game Rules

Players drink depending on which ghost they are killed by.

  • Blinky (Red ghost, starts outside the gate) 1 drink.
  • Pinky (Pink ghost, first to leave the gate) 2 drinks
  • Inky(Blue ghost, second to leave the gate) 3 drinks
  • Clyde(Orange ghost, last to leave the gate) 5 drinks

On top of this, players will drink whenever a fruit disappears without being picked up.

Multiplayer Rule

In the multiplayer versions of this game players can add in this rule. Once a player is eliminated from the game, they must drink for every power pellet consumed while they are dead.


The Pacman Drinking Game is a great way to pass the time at an arcade or even just at home with some buddies on a virtual console version. Either way you choose to play please make sure to drink responsibly. If you’re looking for other drinking games to arcade games check out our Buck Hunter drinking game!