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Oscenity Review: Hilarious, Vulgar and Amazingly Fun

The best way to describe this game is a vulgar and hilarious version of Charades or Taboo where people have to mime out different actions and phrases. The twist that makes this one so funny is that most of the cards contain some seriously adult phrases like “Powerful Gag Reflex” or “Flag Desecration”. The Obscenity game works with anywhere from 4-10 players but it’s played in teams so it works best if you have even teams.

How To Play

Like any good party game this one aims to be easy to understand and play with large groups of people.

What happens is teams take turns drawing cards and acting out what’s on them. The goal is to get your teammates to shout out the phrases your acting out.

Each card comes with 3 phrases on it. One easy, one medium, and one hard. Worth 1, 2 and 3 points respectively.

When acting the person can talk or use any action as long as they don’t directly state any of the words on the card. First team to a set number of points wins. We played until 30 points but were having so much fun that we extended it to 50.

Obscenity Game Review

Simply put this game is a vulgar version of charades that will have everyone laughing their asses off in no-time flat.

We got the pleasure of trying out this game knowing very little about it to start off and were blown away by just how immersive and plain fun it is. From the typical struggles of getting your team mates to guess tricky words to full on blow-job miming this game was a great time. It serves as an A+ ice breaker to get people out of their shells a bit and having a great time. Plus it comes with a few optional drinking rules that allow you to draw a new card at the cost of a gulp of your drink, which is great if you’re looking to pre-game or just liven up a party in general.

The Obscenity card game was an instant hit with everyone I have played it with. It’s definitely one of the funnest party games on the market. Check it out on Amazon Here!