Orange Is The New Black Drinking Game

Orange Is The New Black Drinking Game -

The Orange Is The New Black drinking game covers the smash hit netflix show about an all female prison. It’s pretty dramatic and over the top but that’s why it makes for such a great drinking game. So grab a few beers or maybe smuggle in some bathtub swill and get ready to play!

This drinking game focuses mostly on getting players to drink every time certain character habits come up. Like Tiffany’s obsession with religion or Nicky’s constant battle with heroin addiction.


What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is a few drinks and to take a quick glance at our drinking rules before choosing any episode of this show that you want.

Orange Is The New Black Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever

  • You spot a boobie
  • A flashback to someone’s past starts
  • There’s a kiss on screen
  • Someone gets high
  • A guard physically or verbally abuses an inmate
  • Tiffany mentions god or jesus
  • Lorna mentions her boyfriend
  • Someone calls Piper by a nickname, like “Dandelion”, “College”, or “Brain”.
  • Poussey drinks alcohol

Take a huge swig whenever

  • Someone has sex
  • Piper and Alex get back together or break up
  • Someone gets a new haircut

Finish your drink whenever

  • Someone gets stabbed or otherwise hospitalized

Depending which episode you go with this Orange is the New Black drinking game can be pretty hefty, especially if there’s a few shower scenes. Beyond that the drink finishing rule shouldn’t come up too many times in a season. Either way please make sure to exercise caution and drink responsibly. Take a break if you need one. If you liked this drinking game or want to try another drinking game for a classic Netflix show we suggest checking out our Stranger Things drinking game.