Ooblie Dooblie Drinking Game

You know a drinking game is going to get out of hand when it involves Glitter, a Glue Stick and alcohol. This is the case with the Ooblie Dooblie drinking game. This game has higher stakes than most drinking games since the loser of each round ends up with some glitter glued to their face.

What You’ll Need

A regular glue stick, some glitter, and some drinks for every player.

Ooblie Dooblie Rules

Before the game starts everyone gets a number, corresponding to the number of players in the game. For instance if there are 7 players then the numbers given will be 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7.

Now the fun begins. Player number 1 begins. They start by saying:

“I Ooblie Dooblie number 1, with no Ooblie Dooblies on my face, nominate you Ooblie Dooblie number 4 (or the number of whomever they want) with no Ooblie Dooblies on your face to drink.”

If that was all said correctly then Ooblie Dooblie number 4 would take a drink. Then they would repeat the phrase and switch up the first number with their own and the second number with whoever they want. This continues until someone messes up.

Once someone messes up in any way is when they get marked. Dab their face with the glue stick and then rub some glitter in the same spot. This is their “Ooblie dooblie”. Now that person must state they have 1 ooblie dooblie instead of 0 when speaking the phrase.

This game basically continues until is a drunken glittery mess. Good luck explaining that one to the coworkers.


The Ooblie Dooblie drinking game is great if you don’t have a job interview in the morning. Because that stuff is not easy to get off. If you’re looking for a vocal game that won’t leave you looking like you blew a clown we suggest trying out the Ship, Captain and Crew drinking game!