One Fat Hen Drinking Game

One Fat Hen Song - the chuggernauts

The One Fat Hen drinking game is a vocal game that punishes players who tend to slurr when they drink. That basics of it is that a speaker is chosen to recite a short verse, piece by piece, and other players try to copy it. Drinking and restarting whenever they mess up.

What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is some drinks and a group of people sitting in a circle (preferably 4-8 players)

One Fat Hen Drinking Game Rules

The idea of this game is the speaker in this game recites the first line, then everyone has to copy it. Then they recite the first and second lines, then everyone copies it again. Then the first, second and third, etc…

After the speaker is done his line, everyone else tries to repeat it at the same time. They also need to drink for every time that they mess up. If they mess up early they need to chug their drinks until the verse is completed. If everyone messes it up however they must attempt it all again.

The lines are as follows

  1. One fat hen
  2. Couple of ducks
  3. Three brown bears
  4. Four running hares
  5. Five foxy females fixing for a fight
  6. Six Sicilian sailors sail the seven seas
  7. Seven happy sheet slitters happily slitting sheets
  8. Eight cocky sock cutters cockily cutting socks
  9. Nine nude nymphs knitting nine naughty negligees
  10. I’m not the pheasant plucker, I’m the pheasant plucker’s son, I’m only plucking pheasants til the pheasant plucker comes.

As you can see the lines get harder and harder. Here’s an example round:

Speaker: One fat hen

Players: One fat hen!

Speaker: One fat hen, couple of ducks

Players: One fat hen, fouple of… *drink*

Speaker: One fat hen, couple of ducks, three brown bears

Players: One fat hen, couple of bears — *drink until other players finish the verse*


This goes on until the entire verse is completed. The One Fat Hen drinking game is a hilarious way to trip up people, especially those who have already had a few and are having trouble speaking already.