Nothing Drinking Game

The Nothing Drinking Game is a dice game that requires 5 dice. The game is entirely luck based and just involves players re rolling a set of dice trying to get as low of a number as possible to avoid drinking. It’s easy to play and understand but it does require players to keep track of their points. Players continue to roll until they have cleared all the dice.


5 Dice and drinks. You may also use a cup to roll but it’s not essential.

Set up:

Decide on which player is going first and hand him the 5 dice.


Players roll the dice trying to get the lowest score, discarding all 3s as they count as zero.

Nothing Drinking Game Rules:

After a starting player is chosen he rolls all 5 dice at once. Each 3 is discarded. If there is no 3s to discard the player must set aside the lowest numbered die. The player continues to roll until all the dice are either discarded as 3s or kept as lowest dice. Then the player adds together the dice (not including the 3s) and that is his total score.

Then play proceeds clockwise with each other player doing the same thing. At the end of the game each player compares their score and the player with the lowest score is the winner. Every player aside from the winner must drink equal to the winning players score.

In each proceeding round the player with the lowest score last round gets to start.


The Nothing Drinking Game is a fairly light amount of drinking so it’s a good time waster if you’re looking for something not too intense. It’s good for groups of 6 or more players and is easy enough to play.