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New Years Eve Drinking Games – 5 Ways To Make Your New Years Eve More Memorable Than Last Year

New Years Eve Drinking Game -

With new years eve looming around the corner once again why not try to make this years New Years Eve unforgettable? We decided to come up with a short list of unique new years eve drinking games to make this new years will be one to remember.


Multi Cultural New Years Appreciation Shots

This game will require a few different bottles of booze and a ton of shot glasses. Basically every hour since the party starts everyone will take a drink for whichever country just hit the new year. Try to keep it traditional.

Japan strikes 12? Why not a shot of Sake?

Australia strike 12? Get yourself a bag of wine.

Bangladesh strikes 12? How dare you alcohol is prohibited in Bangladesh.

Here’s a list for when each country reaches midnight


Guess My Resolution

This game will only require a piece of paper for each guess. When the party goers arrive make sure everyone writes down their new years resolution and then all the papers are collected and placed in the same area. Later on in the night when all the guests have arrived begin pulling papers out and reading them out loud. After each one is read each player points and who they think the paper belongs to. Drink for every time you’re incorrect.


To The New Year!

This one is incredibly simple and always gets people drinking. If at any time someone taps your cup with their own and says “Cheers to the new year!” both people must take a sip. Be careful though, being the jerk who runs around doing this to everyone may be funny but those drinks will pile up a lot quicker for you than anyone else.


Russian Beer Roulette

Although this game isn’t specifically designed as a new year’s eve game it’s just to wacky to leave out of this list. This game requires each participating player to put in at least 3 canned beers. Someone who does not wish to participate gets to be the “Shaker”. The Shaker then shakes a single beer as hard as he then mixes the beers around on the table. One by one the players pluck a beer off the table. At the count of 3 each player opens their beer next to their face. If they end up with a face full of shaken beer they are eliminated. Play continues until only 1 lucky soul is left.


10 Shot Drinkdown

This will require quite a bit of preparation but will be well worth it. First thing is to get a lot of disposable shot glasses. Then fill 10 of them will beer, wine or a low percentage alcohol and place each group of 10 on a table. When it comes time for the count down everyone participating in the 10 shot drinkdown must shoot back all 10 shots within the 10 second count down. Why not start the new year off right?


We hope you like our list of new years eve drinking games. But as always make sure to drink responsibly, they’re only games after all.