Never Too Young To Die Drinking Game

The Never Too Young To Die drinking game has people drinking to the 1986 cult classic starring John Stamos and Gene Simmons. You read that correctly.

This movie follows the handsome and seemingly undefeatable Stargrove (played by Stamos) as he tries to avenge his father who was murdered at the hands of the hermaphroditic Ragner (played by Simmons). And it’s every bit as outrageous as it sounds. From the nonsensical plot to the apple-heavy sex scene this movie is a blast. So that’s why we deemed it necessary to make a drinking game!

What You’ll Need

Any copy of this mess of a movie (It can be found pretty easily online) and some drinks.

Never Too Young To Die Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip Whenever…

  • Anyone says “Stargrove”. (Inlcuding when it’s sung in the background a bunch of times in the opening scene).
  • You notice a flaming trash can.
  • Someone checks the time.
  • Someone gets shot.
  • Ragnar goes out of the way to mention he/she is a hermaphrodite.
  • Stargrove takes a bite of an apple when he should be getting laid.
  • Cliff or someone else shoots his weird hybrid granade/rocket/laser gun.
  • Ragnar fingers someone.


There should be more than enough rules in here to suffice but if for some reason you want to push it over the edge add in this hardmode rule. Take a sip whenever you don’t understand why something happens. Depending how attentive you are this could be about every 30 seconds in this film.



Our never too young to die drinking game is a great way to enjoy this great/terrible movie. But remember to always keep it a game and pace yourself. If you think you need a break take one and always remember to drink responsibly.