Neon Genesis Evangelion Drinking Game

Neon Genesis Evangelion Drinking Game -

Neon Genesis Evangelion is well known by many people throughout the world. The Original broadcast from 1995-1996 revitalized the anime industry and brought in an enormous amount of money and fans. Following famously whiny and complacent Shinji Ikari as he is brought into the shadows organization known as NERV. Him along with Rei and Asuka are tasked to pilot evangelions, giant monstrous looking robots, against humanities biggest threat the angels. Settle in for some heavy action and religious symbolism with the Neon Genesis Evangelion Drinking Game.


The anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and drinks.


Players will drink to the main cast of characters playing out their tropes, as well as to the music and when people in the anime drink. They will also finish their drinks whenever Shinji defeats an angel.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Shinji Whines or complains.
  • Rei acts emotionless or just doesn’t care.
  • Asuka is Condescending or cocky.
  • Gendo Ikari is an asshole or appears to be plotting something.
  • Someone in the show drinks.
  • Classical music is played.
  • You see PenPen.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • An angel is defeated by Shinji.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion Drinking game plays on all of the classic tropes on some of anime’s most famous characters. Anyone who is familiar with the show or not will have no problem easily understanding and catching all of the drinks that will happen. Overall this game is steady and a little on the light side of drinks. That’s fine though because the finish your drink rule will come up every couple of episodes to make sure those drinks don’t get warm. Keep in mind though you will only finish your Drink when it is Shinji that kills the angel. With all of that said grab some drink and settle in to quite possibly the most important anime of all time.