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MyDrinkingGame – Just Flip, Read, and Drink!

MyDrinkingGame Review

MyDrinkingGame is a card based drinking game that is about as simple as they come. Which is a great idea if you just wanna flip some cards, share some stories, and get to the drinking. Plus the game boasts a 200 card deck so it’s bound to never unfold the same way twice.

How To Play

All players need to do on their turn is draw a card, read it out, do the action, then pass the deck along. That’s it. No confusing rules to follow along with.

This game has drinking games mixed in from all around the world like sharing road trip stories or having to call a friend and pretend to be on a game show. So you never know what you’re going to get into until you flip the next card.

This game only ends when you want it to. Unless of course you want to try and get through the entire deck. Play for as little or as long as you want.

MyDrinkingGame Review

As far as card drinking games go this one is one of the easiest to just whip out and get people talking. A lot of the cards focus on getting people to tell funny stories or make silly rules so it’s good for some laughs.

Since there’s no board to move along with or points to keep track of the game itself is great to just pass around a campfire to keep the conversation flowing. Plus with 200 cards in the deck you can play for quite some time before it’s looking like you’re going to hit the end of the deck.

It’s honestly a great buy for anyone planning on hosting a party or get together where people don’t necessarily know each other. With all the wacky cards and mini games it’s a great ice breaker.

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