Mushroom Drinking Card Game

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The Mushroom drinking game plays out somewhat like a game of drunken Jenga. It’s great because as the game progresses players will find it harder to play without knocking the stack over.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you’ll need is an empty mug, a deck of cards and some drinks. Players can even play with multiple decks of cards if they choose.

Set Up

Place the empty glass in the middle of a table where every player can reach it. then fill it with booze. After that lay out all the cards face down around the cup.

Mushroom Drinking Game Rules

The general goal of the game is to place your card on top the glass without knocking it or any others off.

Choose a starting player. After this play goes clockwise.

On a players turn they simply grab a card and place it on the glass, making sure at least corners are hanging off.

  • If the player touches anyone else’s card they must take one drink.
  • If the players card falls off but no others, they take two drinks.
  • If the player knocks off 3 or less cards they take 3 drinks.
  • If the player knocks off 6 or more cards they lose the game. They must now chug the glass.


The Mushroom drinking game is easy and quick. Worst thing about it is that you might lose a card are two to beer damage so we suggest using a deck you don’t particularly care about. As always though please remember to drink responsibly.