Mr. D Drinking Game

Mr D Drinking Game -

Mr D is a show that follows the a teacher named Mr. Duncan and his terrible teaching methods. Along with a cast of other teachers he helps slowly but surely run a school into the ground. Our Mr. D drinking game has players drinking to every time he insults or cuts off a child, as well as many other recurring events in the show.

What You’ll Need

Any given episode of Mr D. This game works better with the earlier seasons because about half way through the series the show takes a pretty wild turn. Then just grab a few drinks and follow these easy drinking rules.

Mr. D Drinking Game Rules

Drink once every time

  • Mr. D cuts someone off
  • Anyone says “Mr. D” or “Duncan”
  • Simon’s mom says something sexual
  • Mr. D gets rejected by a girl
  • Trudy says “No”
  • Mr. D insults a child
  • Anyone on the show has a sip or shot of something alcoholic
    • Drink double if that alcohol is being consumed at school

Chug for as long as Mr D is singing or mouthing the words to a song

Finish your drink if

  • Anyone gets fired or dies


As far as television show drinking games go this one can be pretty lax. The most recurring rule is Mr. D constantly insulting the kids. Depending on the episode you choose it can either be a little or a lot of drinking. If you’re looking for more television show drinking games check out our TV show section. As always please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.