Best Movies About Drinking

Drinking is one of the most popular social activities done today. Enjoyed by billions of people around the world, drinking is a time-honored human tradition, going back to the days of Mesopotamia, where beer was invented. It is understandable, since drinking is such a huge part of our culture, that the practice would seep into our popular culture as well. So, in this article, we are going to take a look at the best movies about drinking.

The Hangover Trilogy

The first film (or rather film series) featured on our list is one of the most popular and beloved comedies of the 21st century. As the name suggests, the Hangover is a film series dealing with, well, a hangover. When a bachelor party in Las Vegas gets a little too wild, three friends wake up, having forgotten the night before. What is worse, they have lost the groom. The group then sets out to find the groom, meeting an assortment of colorful and crazy characters along the way.

The film is sure to draw laughter out of the audience, as well as, spark an interest (if not love) for gambling. For those who’ve seen the Hangover franchise, and are curious to try their luck, offers a wide assortment of the best casino games, and can be accessed through any electronic device from your very own home.

Another Round (Druk)

The fantastic Danish director, Thomas Vinterberg came out with the black comedy film, Another Round (or Druk in Danish), in 2020. Starring some of the best Danish actors, including international superstar Mads Mikkelsen, the film tells the story of a group of teachers who attempt to try a social experiment. What this entails, is micro-dosing on alcohol every day, for a month, in order to test out an old hypothesis that humans are born with a lack of alcohol in their system.

Funny, tragic, dramatic, and spectacular, the film is one of the best movies to come out in the 2020s thus far. It was nominated for a number of awards, including the Best International Feature Film Academy Award.


Cocktail is the story of a talented bartender, portrayed by Tom Cruise, who moves to Jamaica, where he finds friendship and love. Directed by Roger Donaldson, the film was released in 1988, and while it was a critical and box office flop, today, it has garnered quite a large cult following, and many consider it an underrated classic of its era. It was nominated, and ultimately won the 1988 Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture.

American Pie Series

A classic of the “gross-out” comedy genre, American Pie is one of the most beloved film series of all time, especially the first three films. The story follows a group of teenage friends, and looks at themes of sexuality, drinking, partying, and everything that a teenager might be faced with. Of course, as it is a film series about teenagers, drinking plays a heavy role. Everyone’s heard of American Pie, and the franchise is still hugely popular today.