How To Play The Ridiculous Mmm…Water Drinking Game

Mmm Water Drinking Game Rules

This game is a for those who are confident in their poker face. Plus it’s a good way to get drunk and hydrated at the same time. The idea of the game is for each player to take a shot and hope it’s water rather than tequila. Then if you’re caught drinking the tequila you have to act like it was just a cool sip of H20.

What You’ll Need To Play

6 or more shot glasses, a bottle of clear tequila and some water.

Setting It Up

To start fill 3 shotglasses with tequila, and the remaining 3 with water. Let the tequila settle and then mix up the glasses so that nobody knows which is which. This might require multiple people to mix them around.

How To Play Mmm Water

The goal of Mmm water is to get everyone to believe you’re drinking water whether you are or not.

A player is chosen to go first. They must take any of the shots and then say “Mmm… Water…” in the most convincing way possible. (regardless of what they just drank). If a player doesn’t believe they just drank some water, then they can challenge them. If they were correct then the shot taker must take another shot, if they however were wrong then the person who issued the challenge must take a shot.

After a player finishes their turn, the pass their turn clockwise and this continues until all the shots have been drank.

The Mmm Water drinking game can either be a pleasant experience or a hellish one (depending on what you pick). So be sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. Plus you can always alter the amount of shots in the game depending on how many or how few players you have at the table.