Miracle On 34th Street Drinking Game Rules!

Miracle On 34th Street Drinking Game by

Miracle on 34th street is a holday classic and is on a must watch list during every holiday season. This New York based movie is about a little girl who doesn’t know if she should believe in Santa Claus. Events will unfold that will leave the whole world wondering if Santa Clause is real. The whole city of new York comes together to cheer hoping for some Christmas miracle. This movie will leave you laughing, crying tears with Christmas joy. Our Watching Miracle on 34th street drinking game will put the christmas mood right in you.

What You’ll Need To Play

Not much is needed to play the Miracle on 34th Street Drinking Game. All you need is a copy of the Miracle on 34th street movie and a few drinks of choice. If your feeling festive why not check out the Chuggernauts 5 Best Christmas Cocktails for the holiday season. Once you have a drink picked out get ready for some holiday fun.

Miracle On 34th Street Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip Whenever…

  • Someone says “Merry Christmas”
  • Santa introduces himself as Santa Claus
  • Susan says something witty
  • A Christmas song or carol plays
  • Ms walker gets pissed
  • A kid asks Santa for something

Take A Big Gulp Whenever…

  • Santa waves his cane
  • Someone is spotted with a believe badge
  • Someone falls down

Finish The Rest Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Someones Christmas wish comes true
  • Santa turns out to be real

By the end of watching Miracle on 34th street drinking game it will leave you in good holiday spirits and a little tipsy too. Nothing is better than watching a holiday classic while having a bit of fun. For more Christmas drinking games check out our catalog of holiday drinking games, like the Santa Claus Movie Drinking Game. Remember to drink responsibly this holiday season.