The Minesweeper Drinking Game

This minesweeper drinking game works with any version of minesweeper but we suggest playing it with the classic windows version for added nostalgia. Any number of people can join in the game since everyone will be taking turns clearing the minefield and giving out drinks if they can place a flag or taking drinks if they activate a mine.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this game everyone playing will need their own drink. Plus 1 shot of hard alcohol for the loser of the game to “bomb”. Any minesweeper client will work just fine. Choose the difficulty that best befits your group.

Minesweeper Drinking Game Rules

Before the game starts fill up the shot glass with an alcohol of the groups choosing. This will have to be drank by whoever loses and blows up a mine. Players take turns on this game. A turn is either clicking a space, planting a flag, or losing and blowing up a mine.

There’s only 3 rules to this game.

  1. On your turn if you are able to put a flag down on a mine you can make another player take a sip of their drink. Flags can only be placed if you are 100% sure there was a mine there. If it turns out you were wrong you must down your drink.
  2. If someone blows up a mine and loses the game they must drink the shot glass. (even if it’s on the first move!).
  3. If the game is completed, all mines are cleared and the little smiley dons those baller shades then everyone cheers and take a sip! Maybe move the difficulty up for next round?


The minesweeper drinking game is all in good fun but always remember to drink responsibly and keep it in moderation. If you’re looking for more drinking games to cool old school gamesĀ  check out our Bubble Bobble Drinking Game!