Minecraft Drinking Game

Minecraft Drinking Game -

Minecraft is an incredible game that spawned a large number of similar games out of just how  innovative it is. The game is a simple process of combining blocks to form other types of blocks. Our Minecraft drinking game takes a regular game of Minecraft and makes it much harder through a few simple drinking rules. This game is best enjoyed with multiple players but it works just fine solo. Feel free to use any mod packs you choose for this game, as long as they don’t make the enemy encounters too easy.

How It Works

Player(s) start up a game of Minecraft from scratch. Make sure it’s on a server that’s brand new with no pre-built structures. From there just grab some drinks and use the following rules and see just how long you can survive.

Minecraft Drinking Game Rules

Unlike a lot of our other drinking games, this one focuses on players needing to take drinks in order to perform certain tasks. Which makes it so players have to be very careful about what they do and try to be as minimalist as possible.

  • Drink once every time you craft anything. This includes smelting. So be very frugal and only make what you need to survive.
  • Drink once every time you touch water.
  • Drink 5 times in order to use a bed for the night.
  • If you die at any point you must finish your entire drink. So be very careful!

This Minecraft drinking game makes things a little more tricky and players might be better off trying to find chests to accumulate items than actually crafting them because that might cause a lot of drinking. The nights will prove pretty tough with inadequate weapons and shelter. As always please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.